Program will:
gmake build
gmake sample-manifest
gmake install

All OK.

Without building the subversion plugin, Anjuta is up and running and I have played and tested for days.

I thing Gtk3 and Mate are smooth and lite on Openindiana.

Some things do not work as expected.

Emulated forkpty in Anjuta library code does not seem to be one them yet.

Cannot wrap my head around having multiple compilers, debuggers, linkers, arch's, libs and pkconfig locations.

Some are bugs in other programs or already known.

I see only two examples of using developer/versioning/subversion
in 96,326 lines of Makefile from 2018-04-02 oi-userland and one of them is subversion itself.

I will try to start pushing new and changed packages maybe next week.

Just wanted to build everything it comes with as learning experience.

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