I've decided to finally update my version of hipster.  I think it
might date to January of 2018 going by the date on the last zfs
creation date.

I want to know if the details I've extracted from the running version
shown below will provide enough info for someone to answer my
questions shown below.

| uname -a
|  SunOS oiv 5.11 illumos-8c33116662 i86pc i386 i86pc

Can the date of the kernel above be divined from the version number above? 

-------       -------       ---=---       -------       ------- 

| sudo ls /.zfs/snapshot
|   zfs-auto-snap_monthly-2018-01-06-16h05

I do not recall, but I may have continued to run OS beyond the date
of last `auto snapshot' shown above.  I may have ran the OS without
the auto snapshot enabled but I believe the date shown is at least
close to the last run date.

-------       -------       ---=---       -------       ------- 

| pkg publisher
|  openindiana.org  origin   online F http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster/

Before updating the OS, will I need to do anything with publisher shown

And lastly:

Although I have run Openindiana and then Hipster for a few years, I
still have only a basic skill level: Am I likely to run into serious
problems updating from a version over a 1 year old?

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