Source: openjdk-8
Version: 8u102-b14.1-2
Severity: normal
Usertags: dbus-launch dbus-launch-for-tests

As described in <>
I'm trying to reduce how much dbus-launch is used in Debian.
This package currently uses dbus-x11 for tests, explicitly invoking
dbus-launch if metacity is used (but not if twm is used).

OpenJDK has sufficiently "heavy" build-dependencies already that it
doesn't seem worthwhile to put effort into avoiding dbus, so the simplest
thing to do here would be to build-depend on dbus (unconditionally),
replace all "xvfb-run" invocations with "dbus-run-session -- xvfb-run",
and drop the with_wm_prefix functionality from debian/rules.


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