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Hi John,

You raise a good point about possibly moving the runtime initialization section. Perhaps it's worth a follow-up JIRA for FX 8u20 or 9 to address this. One possibility is to have most of the documentation in the Application class, and then refer to it from Platform, JFXPanel, and FXCanvas.

-- Kevin

John Smith wrote:
The comments around application runtime initialization seem like they belong 
more properly in the application lifecycle javadoc for the Application class 
rather than on the Platform.runLater method specifically, though I do see how 
the runtime initialization cuts across multiple classes 
(Application/JFXPanel/FXCanvas, etc), so perhaps it is OK having the 
description where it is (lacking some better place to put it).  Useful 
information though, thanks for including it.

+ *For standard JavaFX applications that extend
+ * {@see Application}, and use either the Java launcher or one of the
+ * launch methods in the Application class to launch the application,
+ * the FX runtime is initialized by the launcher before the Application
+ * class is loaded.
+ * For Swing applications that use JFXPanel to display FX content, the FX
+ * runtime is initialized when the first JFXPanel instance is constructed.
+ * For SWT application that use FXCanvas to display FX content, the FX
+ * runtime is initialized when the first FXCanvas instance is constructed.

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Please review the following javadoc change (post-commit).


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