Also, if "none" is the answer for "Unit test", then we should add a label added to indicate why there is no unit (regression) test. For example "noreg-hard" or "noreg-build". See the following:

In the case of this specific bug "noreg-trivial" seems like a reasonable answer. We didn't do this consistently for FX 8, but it will help in testing / verification if we all do this for FX 8u20 and forward.

Better still, if a regression test is possible we should add one.


-- Kevin

Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hi all,

I gentle reminder. When others need to verify a bug, they need to know what code was run to test the fix. In the case of RT-34820 and many others, if you read the JIRA, you can find out pretty quickly. However it's nicer if there is a standard comment at the end of the JIRA so people can scan it quickly. Something like:

Tested-with: Ensemble
Unit Tests: none

Standard templates in comments really help out a lot for manager guys when they need to scan a billion JIRA and try to grasp quickly what is going on.

Here is the wiki entry that describes this (hidden at the bottom of the page)


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