Hello all,

As discussed at the committer meetings earlier this week, starting next week we are going to try out "(In)Sanity Testing Mondays". The community is invited to join in.

The goal here is to improve our overall quality substantially with a small investment. The testing is NOT intended to take a day, or even half a day - we are targeting 1 hour for testing each week. So clearly this won't be a deep-dive into each test that you run, it's more of a quick high-level sanity test. If there is a particular area you are concerned with, please feel free to spend more time there and less in other areas, but you do need to run each test that is assigned to you.

On Monday morning, in your time zone, ensure that you have the latest build and start. We will be running Ensemble and Modena and other tests but anything is fair game. Committers will have various assignments and platforms but these are not set in stone until the end of time.

You don't need to put together any type of formal report, but we encourage everyone to be online, reading email and available by IM while running the tests to discuss results real time as necessary. File JIRA for any new bugs you find and call it done! Be sure to check the One True Dashboard to see of your bug has been found already.


At the next committer meeting and on the list, we'll be discussing how things went and how we want to modify and improve the process going forward, so be prepared with your feedback. None of this is set in stone, so if it doesn't go well, don't despair - we intend to tweak this until it does work well.

Cheers, and happy testing!

Lisa, Kevin and Steve

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