I'm in the process of upgrading Drombler FX to JavaFX 8 and hit another 
regression issue: JavaFX 8 doesn't call listeners in my Skin implementation (it 
used to work with JavaFX 2.x !)

Here is the Skin implementation:


When I add something to 


what should trigger the listeners, then with a debugger I can trace the call up 
to the WeakListChangeListener where on line 87 the listener is null.

Note that I'm not using a WeakListChangeListener explicitly - JavaFX 8 must 
have created this somewhere and for some reason the listener from the Skin got 

I also tried to keep a reference to my listeners as a member variable in the 
Skin implementation, but this didn't work either.

I haven't filed an issue yet because I guess there is already a new way how to 
solve this.

Note that I would like to solve this first with this "basic" Skin 
implementation and not with the new SkinBase class just yet, as I'm not 
familiar with that new class yet. One refactoring step at a time. ;-)


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