I think there are two usages of builders:
- construct compontents / controls programatically (ending in the build() call).
- mapping of FXML attributes to node properties, because in FXML everything 
must be a string.

For example, CalendarTextField has no builder class in the first sense (I used 
withers for that), but does have a class that converts the dateFormats (list of 
SimpleDateFormat strings) in an fxml file to an actual list of DateFormats 


If you can explain to me how to do this without a builder, but also without 
polluting CalendarTextField with FXML aspects, then I'll change the code.


On 2014-1-3 11:44, Eric Le Ponner wrote:
When Scene Builder 2.0 found a custom components, it instantiates it using 
without making any specific builder setup. So FXMLLoader uses the default JavaFX
builder factory.

Since builders are deprecated, I'm not sure it make sense for SB to have 
dependency on them.


Le 3 janv. 2014 à 10:55, Tom Eugelink <t...@tbee.org> a écrit :

I had no problems adding the JFXtras components to SceneBuilder, but one of the controls 
has a custom FXML builder. It is present in the same jar, but how do I tell SceneBuilder 
to use it? Now when I try to load an fxml file an exception ("unable to 
coerse") is shown by SceneBuilder.


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