Simply dropping the jars is not possible, because MigLayout is split into two 
jars; core and javafx. Core does not contain any JavaFX classes and thus 
SceneBuilder does not import it (button is disabled). After manually merging 
the two jars into one, MigPane is listed in SB as a custom control.

Dropping nodes onto MigPane works; they are put next to each other, as the default layout logic of 
MigPane does things. But for each node there should be a possibility to specify a constraint 
string, the "cc" property is not listed in the inspector (unlike, for example, hgrow in a 
HBox). I've created a special FXML MigPane class to contain the FXML scaffolding, this class has a 
"static void setCc(Node, String)" method. What determines when such a static method is 
displayed in the inspector's layout tab?

Missing are the helper lines to show the grid, like GridPane has. I'm assuming 
there is some kind of helper class to better embed the layouts in SB?

MigLayout is a very popular layout engine in Swing and SWT (and also gaining 
ground on Android), I think it would be good for SceneBuilder to better support 


On 2014-1-3 11:04, Eric Le Ponner wrote:
I guess it's worth trying to drop MigPane JAR file in SB2 library panel and see.
However SB2 makes some assumptions about containers.
So that might not work straight away.


Le 3 janv. 2014 à 10:10, Tom Eugelink <> a écrit :

Would it be possible to offer MigPane as a Container in SceneBuilder?


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