Is there a manual how to build SceneBuilder? I'm trying to run gradle "apps" task, but scenebuilder doesn't builds.

I'm using linux, gradle 1.8 and latest jdk1.8 build (b121).

After dirty hack, by adding next lines to the sampleAppsJar task into "/apps/build.xml" file:

<ant dir="scenebuilder/SceneBuilderKit" target="jar" inheritAll="true"/>
<ant dir="scenebuilder/SceneBuilderApp" target="jar" inheritAll="true"/>

i got "SceneBuilderApp.jar" in "apps/scenebuilder/SceneBuilderApp/dist" directory.

After that I was able to run SceneBuilder with the following command:

java -cp ./SceneBuilderApp.jar:../../SceneBuilderKit/dist/SceneBuilderKit.jar com.oracle.javafx.scenebuilder.app.SceneBuilderApp

Is there a simpler way to build and run SceneBuilder?


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