I've written the Agenda control (Google Calendar alike) in JFXtras, which of 
course also can have multiple skins although right now it only has one. So this 
is an interesting discussion.

On 2014-1-8 22:31, John Hendrikx wrote:

That's basically how I've solved it so far (although I call the reusable skins 
"Layouts" for lack of a more imaginitive name).

However, I'd like to support CSS properties as well for the delegates, and I'm 
not sure how the CSS engine deals with Skins that can change their properties 
when some other property (the delegated Skin) changes.  I suspect that changing 
properties will work fine for changing normal Skins, but that it won't be able 
to detect the properties having changed when the a Skin I delegate to changes.

Perhaps though I'm going a bit too far in order to provide that little bit of 
extra convience and customization possibilities to the end-user of the Control.


On 7/01/2014 17:04, Richard Bair wrote:
Could you write a single skin that delegates to one or more reusable skins?

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