You shouldn't mix ComboBox data items and JavaFX nodes. So change ComboBox<VBox> to ComboBox<MyData>.

Next, you can set ProgressBars as ListCell graphics as you already do. And make sure that each cell has its own ProgressBar node. Nodes cannot be present several times in the scenegraph. That's why there is the following situation: selected node cannot appear in the list of nodes at the same time:

Your example also has some code to hide combobox which is confusing as it is not related to the question.

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On 16 дек 2013 18:18, Peter Penzov wrote:
Hi All,
    I want to implement Progress Bar into Combo Box. I pasted the code here:

When I run the code the progress bar is empty. There is no selected
Progress Bar which is displayed by default. And also after a time the
progress bar is not responsible. I tested the code with Java 8b119. Maybe
this is a bug.

Can you please assist me to fix this issue?


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