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For 8u20, we would like to make Freetype and Pango the default option for 
handling text on Linux (replacing T2K and ICU respectively).

- Windows and Mac already use native technologies for handling text by default 
(DirectWrite and CoreText respectively).
- Open-builds, which never include T2K, were already using Freetype.
- Differently than T2K and ICU, which we ship as part of JavaFX. Freetype and 
Pango are expected to be available on the system.
- If Freetype is not available on the system, T2K will be used instead  
- If Pango is not available on the system, Freetype will still be used for 
rendering text. But complex text support will not work.
- The user can set -Dprism.text=t2k to force T2K to be used. Note: this is not 
an official API, but good for testing at times.
Let me of any concerns you might have.

Ah, if anyone would like to provide us a Harfbuzz implementation that would be 
See PangoGlyphLayout.java and pango.c as reference.


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