As part of this Jira <>, we are 
trying to make working in rt/apps easier.

To do that, we found that the only way to make the IDEs happy is be able to provide a 
common path to "host build" jfxrt.jar.

Currently we have:
     rt/build/${hosttype}-sdk  (rt/build/linux-sdk/...)
which requires evaluation that Netbeans does not want to do.

We do need to support cross builds, so here is what we came up with, explained 
here in the new improved comment from build.gradle

    // The jfxrt task is responsible for creating the jfxrt.jar. A developer may
    // have multiple SDK's on their system at any one time, depending on which
    // cross compiles they have done. For example, I might have:
    //      build/ios-sdk/rt/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar
    //      build/armhf-sdk/rt/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar
    // and so forth. The default host build will always install into 'sdk'
    // allowing for uses where a known sdk path is needed (like IDEs)
    //      build/sdk/rt/lib/ext/jfxrt.jar
    // This arrangement allows for multiple independent SDKs to
    // exist on a developer's system.

After you sync, you will probably want to perform a clean build.

And then try out the apps, in the new easier to use format.

Note: for now, you will still need to specify the JDK for ant/nb, like this:
    ant -Dplatforms.JDK_1.8.home=$JAVA_HOME

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