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> On 15 Feb 2014, at 10:35, Stephen F Northover <> 
> wrote:
> Hello all,
> Mark it on your calendar.  Feb 25th is OpenJFX Lambda day.  On that day, we 
> will lock the code base, lambdify everything in sight, and then open up for 
> business again.  One thing that we won't be doing right away is converting 
> our code to use streams and other JDK8 features but this is inevitable 
> (perhaps after 8u20).  We are part of the JDK, we ship with the JDK so we 
> will use features from the JDK.
> Like "Lambda's to the slaughter" the Android and iOS ports of OpenJFX will be 
> affected.  We've been discussing the use of RetroLambda on and off in JIRA 
> for a while and it seems that it will work for both ports.  We care about 
> these ports and it is possible that Lambda Day will slip for one reason or 
> another.  For one thing, the lambdifying tools blow up some of the source 
> making lambda conversion a somewhat manual process.  Hopefully we can get the 
> bugs fixed before the day.
> On that day, I will be listening to 'The Lambda Lies Down on Broadway" all 
> day.  Those of you with children might prefer "Mary had a little Lambda".  
> Despite being called "The Lambda Police", I am and old Lisper and a card 
> carrying member of the "Knights of the Lambda Calculus".  Look that one up.  
> I know the founder personally but will never tell who it is.
> Steve

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