Recently I had a problem where I wanted to show a popup centered about a node, 
so I used a little hack to trigger Window's sizing before it became visible:

        popup.setOpacity(0);; popup.hide(); popup.setOpacity(1);

I wonder what would happen if you added that line, then did a 
popup.sizeToScene() before you did the real show?


On Mar 2, 2014, at 1:42 AM, Tom Eugelink <> wrote:

> In the datetime textfields in JFXtras, the picker popup has an explicit close 
> button rendered using an ImageView, the image is specified using CSS 
> "-fx-image".
> This ImageView is added as the right of a BorderPane, and the BorderPane is 
> the content of a popup.
> What happens is that the close image is not shown. I suspect this is because 
> the CSS is applied after the popup is opened, so the ImageView initially has 
> a width of 0. For the moment I enforce a width using setFitWidth(16), but 
> that of course is not the idea of styling via CSS.
> Trying to preload the ImageView is not possible, because it is not part of 
> any scene/stage until the popup is shown and therefore its CSS is not applied 
> until then.
> Preloading the image is not possible, because it is styled through CSS.
> I'm stuck; how do I make sure the popup sizes to the correct width, taking 
> the CSS styled image in account?
> Tom

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