> So yes, a big THANK YOU to Richard and his team and everyone at Oracle and
> all the other individuals and 3rd parties who have contributed to getting
> JavaFX (and Java) to where it is today.
> You guys/gals should be really proud :-)

I agree, congrats to all the folks inside and outside Oracle that have been 
making tremendous contributions to JavaFX! A special thanks to Steve for really 
pushing OpenJFX as a real open source project with an open development process. 
We really want to work with the community on this project on an equal footing. 
We’ve had tons of valuable contributions in the form of bug fixes, blog posts, 
technical discussions, and patches. Keep up the great work! 8u20 has a big pile 
of bug fixes, so please do kick the tires on that one. Lots of great work going 
on in terms of Accessibility right now, also embedded work and as always 
performance work. Scene Builder is healthy and active, we’d love to see it 
embedded in all the IDEs and direct contributions from the community to Scene 
Builder would be fantastic. A big thanks to the porters brining JavaFX to 
Android/iOS and other platforms! Looking forward to 8u20 and Java 9!


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