The JIRA issue (now public) just says that these impl_ methods that SceneBuilder uses need to be public API. Much work needs to be done in the area of public API for accessing CSS styles and whatnot. But, unless I'm told otherwise, there won't be any implementation of such an API before 9.

FYI, the two impl_ methods mentioned in the bug are likely to be removed altogether in 9.

On 3/20/14, 11:12 AM, HRJet wrote:

 From previous discussions, it seems like Node.impl_getMatchingStyles() is
going to be made a public API.

The lastest reference I can find is in June 2013:

In the source code, the ticket number for this is RT-21096, but I am not
able to view it in JIRA.

Just wanted to know what is the status of this. Is it still planned to be
made public and if so when?


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