If your JDK_HOME points to a 64-bit JDK then you will get a 64-bit FX build. No additional options are needed. You need to do a "gradle clean" as part of your build if you previously built a 32-build in the same repo. Also, if not building webkit or media, make sure you update your stub_runtime to point to 64-bit FX binaries (your "caches" dir if doing a closed build).

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Anthony Petrov wrote:

I'm on Win7 64 bit system. Regularly I use 32-bit compilers and a 32-bit JDK, and when building FX by executing the `gradle` command, I get a 32-bit FX build.

How do I get a 64-bit FX build on the same system? What additional software do I need? I suppose I need a 64-bit JDK, right?

I have VS2010 Professional installed. Do I need to install any additional development tools/compilers?

What options/environment variables do I specify on the command line to run gradle and get a 64-bit FX build?

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