I am using JavaFX deploy ant task and having issue trying to sign because of 
jre embeded for Apple Store bundling. It is the last issue I have to fix then I 
can finish my Apple Store submission.
Apparently even the jdk for the bundle has to be signed. To do that I had to 
redo permissions of jars and dylib files so the signing process would not error.
My jars for my own app jars are code signed already. I am using the Apple find 
and codesign together so the jdk jre jars and dylib files get signed by 
Still I get error when submitting final pkg (with its own signing requirements) 
about invalid signature saying app not signed.
I also discovered the JavaFX deploy lowercases my bundle id so it did not match 
bundle id registered with iconnect. I fixed the pinfo file so it matched.
I would really like to see how this is all done with the ensemble app from the 
JavaFX group.

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