I see .. so AVFoundation was already there since 10.7, its AVKit that's new in 10.9
but AV Foundation is what FX would use.
It looks like Apple starting encouraging migration to AV Foundation about 18 months ago
based on the date of this document :-
I suppose we need to learn read the apple seeds and interpret that as a big, urgent, hint.


On 3/25/2014 12:09 PM, David DeHaven wrote:
Therein lies The Problem, and why we had to go with QTKit when we supported 
10.6... Every two releases they seem to deprecate half-baked APIs in favor of 
some new half-baked API. At least as of 10.8 that seems to have stabilized 
somewhat, as we transition more and more to an iOS clone.

We had issues with AVFoundation not working the way we needed and it wasn't 
available on 10.6. It's supposed to work correctly (never had time to confirm) 
on 10.8 but that still leaves 10.7 out in the cold. So we'll likely have to 
stick with QTKit for older releases and move to AVFoundation in 10.8 and later. 
Ideally, the QTKit component would be separate so it could be removed allowing 
MAS apps to still support A/V playback. I think the QTKit component can be 
dropped completely in FX 9 but it needs to be there in FX 8.

AVKit is a high level component that sits on top of AVFoundation, it doesn't 
look useful for our purposes at first glance.


I presume that Apple now want you to use AVKit which is new in 10.9.
However I don't understand how you can develop an app that targets 10.8 if its
unable to use QTKit since that's all there is on  10.8 or earlier.

Does the AppStore  really disallow targeting something like half the installed 
base ??


On 3/25/2014 9:19 AM, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Here is the JIRA that is tracking this: 


On 2014-03-25 11:46 AM, Tony Anecito wrote:
Thanks for the verification. No matter what state Quicktime is in it is no 
longer accepted by the Apple Store.
I am guessing these new rules will soon apply to everything but I could be 


On Tuesday, March 25, 2014 9:27 AM, David DeHaven <david.deha...@oracle.com> 

Hi All,
Apparently the JavaFX includes some libraries that use the obsolete Quicktime. 
When some submits to the Apple Store a JavaFX app it gets rejected based on 
JavaFX having the obsolete API. I found out how to fix it from someone else 
running into the same issue.

It uses the now deprecated QTKit to play media.


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