There is another issue with new plugins. We have thoroughly tested with a closed source internal test suite on all platforms every plugin that we already have. If we add something new this may open a way for crashes, security breaches. So if you add something new and want this to be included in Oracle JavaFX (JDK) this needs to be tested well.
As for OpenJFX - it's a good starting point.

On 26.03.2014 12:58, Michael Berry wrote:
Hi David,

Sure - I'm aware there's legal issues surrounding many of the formats,
though one of the reasons I picked MKV to start with was because it's an
open container format. I'm certainly not aware of any restrictions
surrounding it (though please correct me if I'm wrong on that front!)

A switch certainly sounds like a good idea though, especially for formats
with more restrictions surrounding their use; I'll bear that in mind if I
add any additional plugins.



On 26 March 2014 02:03, David DeHaven <> wrote:

I mainly wanted to do this as a personal exercise, though I'd imagine
is a useful piece of functionality for many others also - so should I
submit a patch of the changes, or is this unlikely to be accepted?
sorry for the perhaps obvious question, I'm rather new to this.) I've
had a
look at the code review process and it seems to suggest adding a patch
the relevant JIRA issue for those who don't have commit access (in this
case 18009), but I don't seem to have permission to do that either?

It sounds like there are perhaps two different ways to move forward
here, the first is to take a submission in the form of WIKI writeup that we
can post so that anybody else who wants to try extending the media files
can follow the path you took. The other is to take a patch for the given
JIRA issue. Sadly, the JIRA server doesn't allow just anybody to supply
patches, so you will have to email to Steve or Kevin and they can attach it
to the issue for you.

Be careful how these are implemented. We cannot just enable formats in
GStreamer, there are licensing and legal issues involved. I think the
Matroska licenses are fairly benign, but it still requires some amount of

What I would recommend is adding a switch to optionally enable additional
formats, so those building GStreamer or OpenJFX themselves can turn
whatever they want on or off, and they are on their own for dealing with
legal issues.

That being said, we actually tested with MKV during development and it was
pretty solid :)


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