I just pushed a fix for the following bug:


The fix, which is really just a workaround for an unknown gcc issue on Mac, is to disable parallel native compilation on Mac by default. The "NUM_COMPILE_THREADS" property controls the number of concurrent compilation threads that run. On Mac this property is now set to 1 by default.

Developers can set "NUM_COMPILE_THREADS=8", for example, in their gradle.properties file or pass "-PNUM_COMPILE_THREADS=8" on the command line to enable 8 threads to run in parallel and speed up the build.

I filed https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-36433 as a follow-on issue to investigate the root cause and re-enable the parallelism. Since we've switch to native font rasterization on Mac (using coretext), we might end up removing the T2K code from our build at some point anyway at which point the issue will be moot (if in fact it really doesn't ever happen on any other module)

-- Kevin

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