Hi everyone,
I'm have some problems mixing transparency and drop-shadow together. Suppose I 
want to create a transparent white rectangle with a subtle drop-shadow effect. 
If I create a rectangle with a transparent white fill and a light grey 
drop-shadow, I get something like in the left picture (with a red rectangle 
added to show the transparency):
What I want is something like in the right picture, i.e. the drop-shadow is 
just around the outside and doesn't colour the entire rectangle grey.
In the right picture I "fixed" things by splitting the rectangle into two 
rectangles in the same position, one with a null fill and drop-shadow, and one 
with a transparent white fill and no drop-shadow.
The problem is when I have a large group of shapes and other nodes that I want 
to apply a single drop-shadow to, this kind of "fix" becomes impossible or at 
least extremely inelegant.
Is there any nice way to apply a drop-shadow only to the edges of an object?
Thanks in advance,

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