I fixed the wiki to warn Eclipse users not to do this.


On 2014-04-28 4:55 PM, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Thanks Tom. Felipe ran into this way back when. Initially, the repo was in the workspace, but having outside allows is how most people develop and so I moved it out.


On 2014-04-28 4:45 PM, Tom Schindl wrote:

Just to finish this. The real problem with is that I've clone the
hg-repo directly to my workspace-folder (which is the default in the
Eclipse-hg-plugin) which is causing all the troubles!

Once I move the clone next to the workspace-folder things started to
operate the way they should.


On 24.04.14 23:58, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hmmmm ..... I can't look at this now but will look at it tomorrow. I am

Eclipse SDK

Version: 4.3.2
Build id: M20140221-1700

I will get the latest and greatest from the Eclipse download page and
follow the steps.

Eclipse has this funky optional classpath syntax.  Is this burning us?

   <classpathentry kind="src" exported="true" path="src/test/java">
       <attribute name="optional" value="true"/>

Anyhow, tomorrow!


On 2014-04-24 5:51 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
The default task in build.gradle is sdk so "gradle" and "gradle sdk"
are equivalent.

-- Kevin

Tom Schindl wrote:

I once built with "gradle sdk" maybe that was wrong?


On 24.04.14 23:37, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Did you build once outside the IDE? Type "gradle" in the rt directory.


On 2014-04-24 5:28 PM, Tom Schindl wrote:
More stuff that does not work.

If you import the projects you have build-path errors because source
folders are missing in:
* base:
    - src/main/resources
    - src/test/resources
* builders
    - src/main/resources
    - src/test/resources
* designTime
    - src/main/resources
* fxml
    - src/main/resources
* media
    - src/test/java
    - src/test/resources
* swing
    - src/main/resources
    - src/test/java
    - src/test/resources
* swt
    - src/main/resources
    - src/test/java
    - src/test/resources
* web
    - src/main/native/WebKitBuild/Release/WebCore/generated/java

Libraries are not found in buildSrc:

It looks like you are using relative-paths but at least my eclipse
not like that but e.g. wants to detect them as
rt/build/libs/ant-1.8.2.jar and not ../build/libs/ant-1.8.2.jar

* graphics to compile without errors needs swt-debug.jar in the

* swt to compile without errors needs swt-debug.jar in the library

* scenebuilder needs to reference all projects but not rt-project


On 24.04.14 22:29, Tom Schindl wrote:

I try to follow the guide at
https://wiki.openjdk.java.net/display/OpenJFX/Using+an+IDE to
setup my
Eclipse workspace but the description how to preconfigure the JDK
is a

The ambiguous information is the "cd <PATH TO JFX>" which could me (I
take my OS-X install as the reference)
* cd

* cd

BTW for Eclipse there's no an easier way to get Java8 support you can
grab a prebuilt distro from


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