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On 5/14/14, May 14, 1:48 PM, Stephen F Northover wrote:
I hereby nominate Mo Chicharro to be an OpenJFX Committer.

Mo Chicharro is a significant contributor of the JavaFX Scene Builder 2.0 
product, and, as the visual and interaction designer, he is the designated 
owner of all FXML and CSS content. Mo has been working on SB since its 
inception 4 years ago, and during last year has been responsible for 
approximately 160 commits to the SB 2.0 repository that we are converting to 
Open Source.

Mo is part of the team that has collectively done the Scene Builder 2.0 
product, which is a complete re-implementation of the code base, over a period 
of roughly 12 months. The new code base is more than 70,000 lines of code, 
spread over approximately 4000 commits.
Scene Builder 2.0 is in the process of being converted to the OpenJFX 
repository, and will be maintained out of that repository after the conversion.

Votes are due by May 29, 2014.

Only current OpenJFX Committers [1] are eligible to vote on this nomination. 
Votes must be cast in the open by replying to this mailing list.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [2]. Nomination to a project 
Committer is described in [3].




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