I'm not sure what you mean.  I'm only talking about documentation for
the public API.  It's just a clarification for the existing docs.

On a side note, a search of the code shows that "-fx-line-spacing" is
a CSS property.. but it isn't mentioned anywhere in the CSS Reference
I've created https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-37170 to cover that case.


On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 11:00 AM, Tom Schindl
<tom.schi...@bestsolution.at> wrote:
> Well that would work for properties on controls but many of them are in the 
> Skin classes and those could be different from platform to platform and theme 
> to theme and so are an implementation detail.
> Tom
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>> Am 16.05.2014 um 16:38 schrieb Scott Palmer <swpal...@gmail.com>:
>> Should a better cross-reference or mention of CSS properties in the Javadocs?
>> Many properties can be set via calling methods or through CSS, but
>> when browsing the Javadocs the related CSS properties are not
>> mentioned (at least not in most cases).
>> The package docs for javafx.scene mention the CSS Reference Guide at
>> the end of the description, and careful reading of that document
>> mentions the convention used to go from JavaFX variable names to CSS
>> property. (last paragraph of
>> http://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/javafx/api/javafx/scene/doc-files/cssref.html#introscenegraph)
>> I think all that is needed is to mention in the JavaDocs if the
>> property is configurable from CSS or not. Or at least mention the
>> exceptions to the rule.  For example most properties of Labeled are
>> configurable via CSS, but "lineSpacing" and "mnemonicParsing" are
>> *not* mentioned among the CSS properties.
>> (http://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/javafx/api/javafx/scene/doc-files/cssref.html#labeled)
>> Scott

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