On 5/21/14, May 21, 4:28 AM, Werner Lehmann wrote:
Did you try to lower the priority of your thread(s)? Also, I the suggestion to 
wait a few frames, e.g. on the AnimationTimer, made a lot of sense to me. This 
will of course slow down total startup time but there is a better chance of 
having a complete splash screen.
Java/Thread Priorities/Linux - maybe not what you expect 

One of the tasks of the User Event Thread is to schedule/queue repaints, which 
then happen on the Render thread. During startup - there is serious contention 
for the user event thread, as it is used to initialize the world (which 
includes your application). This is the same time when hotspot is waking up and 
looking for something to optimize.

I am also wondering if there could be some kind of trigger to know when the 
splash has hit the screen? Maybe SplashScreen.layoutChildren could spawn a 
worker thread (or use runLater) to initialize the rest of the application.

One trick that I have used in the past - write your app to start up as if it is 
only going to show the splash screen - and then create a worker thread that 
delays a second or two before starting to build the rest of the app. This 
slight delay can often help with the perceived startup speed as it gets 
something on the screen faster.


On 21.05.2014 09:43, Mike Hearn wrote:
if there was a way to make the render thread higher priority than the
rest, that might also work

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