P45 bugs can simply be retargeted. The rest must go through the "intergalactic" process which I will not describe here.

Essentially, Darth Vader is the release engineer and you need to apologize to him in person ...


On 2014-05-23 1:47 PM, Lisa Selle wrote:
Steve can you clarify the process for various stages for retargeting bugs to a later release?

On 5/23/2014 1:15 PM, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hi all,

The next milestone M5, June 23, 2014 [RDP2], is an important one. Essentially, we are shipping FX for 8u20 after this. There is a week before the final FX ZBB date which is July 1, 2014, but we should not be touching any code during this week. After July 1 ZBB, we are stopping all development on FX 8u20 and starting on 8u40.

Here is the plan for M5:

May 26-30: Fix P123, fix or move P45 to 8u40
June 2-5: Fix P123, zero P45 targeted to 8u20
June 9-13: Fix P123, defer bugs that won't make it
June 16-20: Code freeze, ramp down rules, fix doc bugs

During the week June 16-20, the usual milestone rules will be in effect and we are likely to be quite ruthless about any code changes. We will likely only accept fixes for P12 critical bugs / regressions.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work,

Steve and Kevin

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