I just checked and JavaFX 8u-dev builds fine with JDK 8u5. I suspect you have an out-of-date repo.

-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
Hi Scott,

I don't think we can use gradle wrapper since it would require checking a gradle jar file into our repo (there is IP / licensing concern with that).

Regarding your other issues:

1) The Mac issue is a known problem that I still plan to address for 8u20: https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-34388

2) In the short term we are unlikely to change our production build to a newer version of gradle, but I know of no reason it won't work with gradle 1.12 (gradle 1.11 is known not to work). Does it build for you with 1.12? I will try it myself.

3) The version check should work fine with JDK 8u5. Are you cloning openjfx from the right place? openjfx/8u-dev/rt ? I'm fairly sure this has been tested, but I will double-check.

4) Yes, we expect cygwin -- mainly for native but also for some of our legacy any scripts (mostly in closed). We could consider accepting patches that checked whether a windows build was cygwin and allowed it to build at least the java code without requiring Cygwin. Did you want to file a JIRA for this?

5) Native compilation for everything except media and wekbit, is on by default, and there is currently no easy way to disable it. This is something Richard had wanted to change back when the gradle build scripts were developed, but was not finished. At the least, a flag to turn off native compilation would be good. Do you want to file a JIRA for this?

-- Kevin

Scott Palmer wrote:
I know the wiki says only Gradle 1.8 is "guaranteed to work" so I have to ask:
Why not use the Gradle Wrapper to force use of 1.8?

Well, I tried tweaking the build scripts to use it myself, running on
OS X and found that the scripts appear to be badly broken anyway and
they can't even be parsed with later Gradle versions so you can't even
run the wrapper task:

The error is:

Could not find method 'defineProperty() for arguments
[MACOSX_MIN_VERSION, 10.7] on root project .....

Sure enough the defineProperty method is being called from a different
.gradle file than the one in which it is defined, so it is out of
scope.  I corrected this locally by changing it to a closure and
assigning it to project.ext.defineProperty.  Then I added:

task wrapper(type: Wrapper) {
  gradleVersion = 1.8'

and was able to get the gradlew script created by running:

gradle wrapper

So then I tried to build with Gradle 1.8 by running:


Then I hit :verifyJava complaining that the build number (13) was too
low (< 115)... but I'm building the 8u5 code with the 8u5 release...
that seems like a combination that should work.

I think everyone (myself included) would be more inclined to help with
patches if it wasn't such a pain to build.  I appreciate that prior to
the use of Gradle this was likely much worse.  Gradle is a great build
system and should be able to make this an even simpler process.

On Windows for what I assume are historical reasons, Cygwin is
expected.  I'm only trying to build the Java side of things.. not the
native DLLs and I don't see Cygwin doing anything of value in the
build scripts for that case.  It's mangling paths that don't need to
be mangle for example.

I think the build scripts could be cleaned up to provide a much
smoother build experience for those outside of Oracle.

No doubt you guys simply don't have the cycles to burn on fixing build
scripts that are currently working for you.. but I suspect it will pay
off in the long run.  The current version of Gradle, 1.12, is the last
1.x Gradle release before the 2.x versions appear.  It may make sense
to achieve compatibility with it.  Gradle 2.x is expected to break
things, but once things are working with 1.12, then you can work on
getting rid of the warnings and you will be in a much better position.



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