May statement could be read wrong setStyle for graphics generally works unless 
you generate the image on the fly using writableimage, so you don't have a URL!


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> Am 29.05.2014 um 13:22 schrieb David Grieve <>:
> If setStyle doesn't work for graphic, then that is a bug.
> I agree that css and user concurrency is black magic. Better documentation 
> would help, but I'm not yet convinced that there is an API solution to the 
> problem unless the API is up in *PropertyBase (e.g. init(T value), void 
> reset())
>> On 5/28/14, 4:46 PM, Tom Schindl wrote:
>> setStyle works for most but often not for graphic - i went the styleproperty 
>> cast way but my gut tells me there's something we need improve the CSS vs 
>> User concurrency is something very few people know about and the bad thing 
>> is the API does not give you a clue about it.
>> Tom
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>>> Am 28.05.2014 um 21:19 schrieb David Grieve <>:
>>> Using styles is preferable to setting the property value. If styles are 
>>> used, then you don't have the problem you describe.
>>> An alternative, if styles are not used, is to cast the property to 
>>> StyleableProperty and use applyStyle(null, value) instead of set. CSS then 
>>> thinks that the value has never been set. This pattern is used, for 
>>> example, in Labeled to initialize the focusTraversableProperty to false. So 
>>> one option is to use applyStyle in the updateItem method rather than set. 
>>> Of course, this is one of those tricks that you have to be in-the-know to 
>>> make use of. But I would argue that restoreInitialPropertyState() is also a 
>>> trick that you have to be in-the-know to make use of.
>>>> On 5/28/14, 6:35 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> All views in JavaFX are virtual and the Cell instances are reused but
>>>> this brings with it the problem that if you once modified a CSS
>>>> styleable value (e.g. the textfill, font, ...) you are unable to return
>>>> to a state where a CSS could be applied.
>>>> I think Cell needs to provide reset methods for properties who are
>>>> styleable so that one can set back the cell into a css-styleable state,
>>>> or maybe we want this to be more general and we need to provide a method
>>>> for all properties who are styled so that we can reset them?
>>>> I could imagine Node having a method: restoreInitialPropertyState()
>>>> which subclasses need to implement to restore all its properties to be
>>>> css styleable.
>>>> For Cell i think there's no way around that because it is reused and
>>>> needs to have a way to get back to the original state.
>>>> Tom

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