Since you said:

On Parallels Windows it does not:

This is probably a SW rendering bug (we will fall back to SW when running in Parallels). Is this with 8u20-ea or with 8u5?

Please file a JIRA with a complete test program. Also, can you try it with "-Dprism.order=sw" on Mac and see if the same bug happens?

-- Kevin

Jeff Martin wrote:
Has anyone seen a problem with -fx-background-radius on Windows? When I run 
Windows using Parallels (on a Mac), -fx-background-radius styles seem to get 

Here is my sample code:

    // Create label with background color and radius
    Label label = new Label("Testing"); label.setPadding(new Insets(20));

    // Add to box, scene and stage
    VBox vbox = new VBox(); vbox.setPrefSize(300,300); 
    vbox.getChildren().add(label); aStage.setScene(new Scene(vbox));;

On my Mac it renders correctly:

On Parallels Windows it does not:

Am I missing something or should I file a bug?


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