Hi everybody

I am a bit puzzled by the changes to the Skinnable API. With FX2 I created a 
couple of SkinBase based skins, and back then SkinBase was a descendant of 
Control. So I had

Control ◀︎—— SkinBase ◀︎—— MySkin 

Now SkinBase is just a descendant of Object, which means I need to rewrite my 
code to represent

Object ◀︎—— SkinBase ◀︎—— MySkin ——> MySkinControl

(Of course I am curious why this change was made – has anyone seen any 
documentation about this?)

One problem is, whenever I have a control MyControl using a skin class MySkin I 
used to be able to change the style class of MyControl and those changes would 
automatically be reflected by MySkin. Now with FX8 when I change the style 
class of MyControl, nothing happens.

Am I supposed to bind the styleClass property of my MySkinControl instance to 
the styleClass of my MyControl instance?

The API documentation is a bit scarce so any pointers in the right direction 
would be much appreciated. 



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