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On 2014-06-11, 10:17 AM, Jeff Martin wrote:
Below is my poor man's getVisibleBounds. I'm using this so that my custom text 
pane only needs to add child nodes for lines of text that are visible - similar 
to how ListView and friends only add cell nodes for visible items. I hope I'm 
on the right track - I was surprised that my web search for getVisibleBounds() 
came up so empty. If nobody points out my idiocy, I'm going to put this in a 


  * Returns the visible bounds for a node based on ancestor clips (or null if 
no clipping found).
public static Bounds getVisibleBounds(Node aNode)
     // Get parent visible bounds (if set, convert to local)
     Bounds bounds = aNode.getParent()!=null? 
getVisibleBounds(aNode.getParent()) : null;
     if(bounds!=null) { if(!bounds.isEmpty()) bounds = 
aNode.parentToLocal(bounds); else return bounds; }
// If node has clip, get clip local bounds (intersected with parent visible bounds if present)
     if(aNode.getClip()!=null) { Node clip = aNode.getClip(); Bounds cb = 
         bounds = bounds!=null? getIntersectingBounds(cb, bounds) : cb; }
// Return node visible bounds
     return bounds;

  * Returns the intersection bounds of two bounds.
public static Bounds getIntersectingBounds(Bounds b1, Bounds b2)
     if(!b1.intersects(b2)) return new BoundingBox(0,0,-1,-1);
     double minx = Math.max(b1.getMinX(), b2.getMinX());
     double miny = Math.max(b1.getMinY(), b2.getMinY());
     double maxx = Math.min(b1.getMaxX(), b2.getMaxX());
     double maxy = Math.min(b1.getMaxY(), b2.getMaxY());
     return new BoundingBox(minx, miny, maxx-minx, maxy-miny);

On Jun 10, 2014, at 6:59 PM, Jeff Martin <> wrote:

What is the JFX equivalent of JComponent.getVisibleRect() - and is there a way 
to get a notification when it changes?


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