Hi all,
I'm trying to avoid the blurry strokes you can get in JavaFX in some cases, 
e.g. for a non-integer stroke width, or a stroke width of 1 and 
So far my 'solution' to this problem has been to round layout values to 
integers, or to round and add 0.5 in the StrokeType.CENTERED case.
However this approach is pretty useless if I apply a scale transform 
afterwards, which is the simplest way I know to create a zooming mechanism.
So my question is: is there any way I can round things to integer values 
*after* transforms have been applied? Or tell the renderer to not try to 
approximate strokes drawn 'off-pixel' but instead to round & move them to the 
nearest pixel so that lines look sharp and clean?
Any tips would be appreciated.

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