This is not presently possible (as far as I know - although with enough courage I'm sure a custom column resize policy could be set on the TableView to do this). You might also want to look at the existing TableView constrained resize policy - this may help you out a little (as it forces the columns to take up all available space).

There is a jira issue for percentage sizing:

I suggest you leave any thoughts or votes on that issue. Currently it is untargeted.

-- Jonathan

On 12/06/2014 2:56 a.m., Kirill Kirichenko wrote:
Hi all.

How is it possible to create TableColumns (preferably in fxml) such that they have some proportional width say in percents rather than in pixels with a feature that when we resize the table the columns get resized proportionally ? Default behaviour is that when the window containing a table is grown in width all columns keep the width and one extra column appear that has no data.


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