You should be able to use event filtering to get in the way of any event before it is delivered to the control. If you provide some sample code for what you are trying to do, we can take a look at it and suggest a possible solution.


On 2014-06-13, 10:39 AM, Tomas Mikula wrote:
Hi Randahl,

I think the general advice is to avoid subclassing controls if
possible. You can create your custom control that embeds a text field
and filter events on your custom control so they never reach the
embedded text field.


On Fri, Jun 13, 2014 at 10:11 AM, Randahl Fink Isaksen
<> wrote:
I have noticed that quite many developers are having trouble avoiding 
triggering of focus navigation occurring when a user presses the UP and DOWN 
arrow keys. From a number of different forum posts I have seen how people are 
jumping through hoops to avoid this.

I myself have the challenge, that I need to use the UP and DOWN keys for 
changing the selected autocompletion in a text field, and it seems that no 
matter how greedily I try to consume or filter out these KeyEvents, JavaFX 
still insists on moving the focus from one field to the next.

This got me thinking: Why is JavaFX keyboard event handling so rigid? If you 
implement a control which listens for keyboard events on itself and does some 
cool stuff, that is fine. But once you implement a subclass that wishes to 
replace some of that behaviour you are in trouble, because once the 
EventHandlers are registered, there is no public API to replace them.

Is this a conscious design decision? Is it something that I should file a 
feature request on, or have I overlooked a part of the API which could be used 


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