In the past few days I've tested how well FX supports international keyboard layouts. I've tested EN, DE, FR, RU, and JP keyboard layouts. Note that myself, I only speak EN and RU, so I might have missed some uncommon (or even some common) cases when trying to enter characters in other languages.

MS Windows:
Everything works as expected. I've tested all known (to me) dead keys in all the keyboard layouts, and they produce expected results, allowing users to enter all the characters that they want.

JavaFX supports international keyboard layouts on Mac somewhat poorly. Using dead keys on European keyboards may result in inserting two characters when only one is expected. On the bright side, though, JP input seems to work just fine. Also, it's a known issue (RT-35074) that OEM keys generate wrong key codes on Mac (but at least the keys generate correct characters which is actually more essential for text input). To sum it up: you can enter any characters you want, it's just that sometimes you have to hit Backspace or Delete here or there to remove some garbage.

Well, on Linux some work remains to be done, too. To be more precise, I wasn't able to use any dead keys at all, although "pre-accented" keys work just fine. I don't seem to be able to configure JP or CN input methods on my Linux, so I wasn't able to test the Asian kbd layouts.

I've filed a few JIRAs along my testing. I'll be working on polishing keyboard input support on Mac for 8u40. We'll do our best to support Linux/Gtk too, but realistically, I expect this to happen some time closer to FX 9 on that platform.

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