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As part of this change we have:
  * added an includeMonocle toggle (with a default of false)
  * when includeMonocle is false, will exclude java Glass classes from 
    * and should have a ending 
  * for (armv*, x86egl)
      * includeLens, includeMonocle, includeGTK will toggle native building and 
inclusion of Java Glass classes
      * will only include the groups that were built
      * definitions of compiler/linker had migrated down in the buildSrc files, 
so were moved back up for clarity.

Tested by clean building with includeLens, includeMonocle, includeGTK turned 
off in test builds.
This submit should have no current build result changes except for the extra 
newline on javafx.*.properties and a small amount of reordering of

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