EventTypes are serializable solely for the purpose of Event serialization (which is serializable because it inherits from java.util.EventObject). When you deserialize Events, the corresponding EventType objects are already initialized, so the EventTypes are correctly mapped.


On 06/28/2014 09:29 AM, Kay McCormick wrote:

I was poking around in javafx event dispatching and I noted the
serialization of EventType. I've serialized MouseEvent.ANY to a file and in
trying to deserialize it I got the error:

java.io.InvalidObjectException: Cannot find event type "INPUT" (of EVENT)

I realize this is because the static fields have not been initialized, but
I am wondering what is the intended and proper use of serializing
EventType. Is it a requirement that the static fields be initialized prior
to deserializing? If so, how can this be ensured? I am not 100% familiar
with the details of this. I will review documentation but I'd like to know
how this can be used properly.


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