I have seen search box. Correct me if I'm wrong - this example just shows how to create a custom control that has an icon, text field and a button. What's more important to me is to be able to show a popup with say a ListView and be able to work with it like an ordinary combobox does (be ontop, autoclose, move with the parent window). I'm afraid searchbox example doesn't show it. I tried to make it from scratch - using a scene without a decoration with a ListView inside. I think it's to burdensome to control all those focus, windows, mouse hover and click events.

Maybe searchbox is supposed to show search results in a separate component ? But I prefer a popup.


On 07.07.14 18:47, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hi Kirill,

I looked at this again quickly and while there might be a combination of
events and listeners that can make a combo box behave this way, you are
better to create your own search box and manage the popup list.  The
reason for this is that any code you are likely to write that
manipulates the combo box will be sensitive to event ordering.

There is an example of a search field as part of EnsembleApp.  It is
quite complicated and fancy and is mixed in with EnsembleApp code so you
might have to work a bit to extract a simpler version of what you are
looking for.

Hopefully Jasper is reading this right now and can whip up a hundred
lines of code or so that do what you want.


On 2014-07-04, 5:48 PM, Kirill Kirichenko wrote:
I'm implementing a searchbox.
In the textfield of the combobox I'm typing a search string.
textProperty of the editor has an onChange listener which forms a list
of strings that contain the text as a substring. Then I set this list
of strings as a content of the drop down list of the combobox.
The problem is when I start selecting items in the drop down list the
editor field gets updated making new substring search and updating the
list again.
I want to break this dependency. I don't want to update the text
property when I select an item in the drop down list OR I want to
distinguish in the textProperty listener what caused that event - real
editing the field or setting the field trough binding from the list view.

I hope I could make myself clear.

On 05.07.2014 01:21, Stephen F Northover wrote:
Hi Kirill,

What exactly are you trying to do?  The following (crap) listens for the
value to change and then sets it back:

         ChangeListener<String> l = new ChangeListener<String> () {
             public void changed(ObservableValue observable, String
                     String newValue) {
                 System.out.println("attempt to set new value: " +
                 Platform.runLater(() -> {
                     System.out.println("restoring old value: " +

This is not good code because it adds and removes a listener to avoid
notification when the value is reset.  It uses runLater() in order to
stop the combo box from getting confused when the value is changed from
within a changed listener.


On 2014-07-04, 3:09 PM, Kirill Kirichenko wrote:
JavaFX ComboBox has binding between TextEdit field and the ListView
selection such that edit field gets updated when we change the
selected item in the drop down list.
Is there a way to break this binding - when we select an item in the
list the editor field remains untouched. Where should I look at ?


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