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Hi all,

I'm looking at running javafx on wayland ( http://wayland.freedesktop.org
). First of all, I was wondering if anyone else knows of any attempts to
avoid duplicate work, as for now google turns op empty.

Secondly, I'm looking for sources on how to write a new javafx platform.
Google points me to monocle and it's *Platform implementations. Are there
other sources of documentation or pointers or 'must-known's?

I already made wayland java bindings (
https://github.com/Zubnix/wayland-java-bindings ) and wrote a simple
wayland compositor ( https://github.com/Zubnix/westmalle ) all in pure
Java. So the wayland part is already covered.

Thanks in advance, I'll update this post with my progressions.

I am not aware of anyone doing a wayland port yet. It certainly should be a 
reasonable thing to do, using Glass/Monocle, we already support a similar setup with 
EGL->Framebuffer and Software -> Framebuffer.

Glancing at your wayland-java-bindings I see mention of EGL :-)

Note however, Monocle does its own "windows" virtually. Wayland was designed as 
a composition as well as a framebuffer engine. Monocle will want to create a mono native 
window which acts as our display, that we then render onto.

Note that Monocle supports a number of platforms and rendering paths, starting 
in PlatformFactory.

Which hardware are you going to try this on ?



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