Hi Kevin,

attached please find an initial patch for 

The patch is not as minimal as I had hoped, as the EmbeddedSceneInterface had 
to be changed to differentiate between mouse and scroll events (while up to 
now, scroll events are handled as mouse events), but for me this seemed 
necessary to fix this issue properly. As a result, JFXPanel had to be adjusted 
as well to comply to the changes in the EmbeddedSceneInterface, while its 
behavior should not have changed.

As horizontal mouse events cannot be synthesized via Display.post(Event) yet 
(an open issue for SWT), I did not add an automated test, but instead added a 
manual one (FXCanvasMouseWheelEventsTest). Therefore, this patch does not 
depend on the patch I provided earlier for JDK-8160325.

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