We're trying to implement an editable data grid using a TreeTableView.

The tree table contains nodes:
List<TreeTableColumn<SomeModel, Node>> columns = ...;

Some of the nodes are custom controls (basically advanced text fields) which 
are editable:

someColumn.setCellValueFactory(cellDate -> {
                        SomeModel lineModel = cellDate.getValue().getValue();
                        Node someEditor = 
                        return new SimpleObjectProperty<>( someEditor);

The task at hand is to make these controls focus traversable (column by column 
and row by row). 
We have to consider the case that the table is not fully visible, i.e. wrapped 
in a ScrollPane. This does not work out of the box since the components might 
not exist if they are not visible.

Any ideas how this could be implemented? Is this case considered at all in 
JavaFX's implementation of focus traversal? Maybe it will be in Java 9?

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