We're looking at developing a performance benchmark suite for our distributed 
JavaFX application.

We want end-to-end metrics which include rendering / event processing in the UI.
Example 1) @T_0 server sends update to client, @T_1 client receives the update, 
@T_2 the update is rendered. Measure T_2 - T_0.
Example 2) @T_0 user clicks on a button which triggers a remote action, @T_1 UI 
has performed the remote call, @T_2 the server has reacted to the call. Measure 
T_2 - T_0.

We want to automate the performance tests so we would need some kind of test 
driver which would start the UI and "click buttons". Maybe TestFX 
(https://github.com/TestFX/TestFX), Automaton 
(https://github.com/renatoathaydes/Automaton) or JemmyFX 
(https://jemmy.java.net/JemmyFXGuide/jemmy-guide.html) would be a good 
candidate for this job (example 2). 

Also, we would need to detect when an update is rendered (example 1).

Does anyone on this list have experience with such performance measurements? 
Any hints appreciated ;)

Kind regards,

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