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The javac tool now provides the ability to generate native headers as needed. 
This removes the need to run the javah tool as a separate step in the build 
pipeline. The feature is enabled in javac by using the new -h option, which is 
used to specify a directory in which the header files should be written. Header 
files will be generated for any class which has either native methods, or 
constant fields annotated with a new annotation of type 
java.lang.annotation.Native. (Since JDK 1.8)

This should ease the transition to a modular build by allowing us to remove one 
extra javah step.

These two change sets add @Native annotations to classes that we need in native that are 
not currently  being generated automatically with javac -h. In two cases, I removed 
"empty" header includes (the javah generated header does not have any 
meaningful content). graphics, media webkit

Note that the actual conversion to using the javac -h step will happen at a 
later date. These changesets just allow us to get ready for that future, and 
reduce the risk of merge conflicts later.

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Java Embedded Development

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