Hello all,

Following the thread
I would like to ask for more information on JavaFX plan to allow a simple
way to use existing OpenGL code.

I know this is not a new question and please forgive me if I’ve overlooked
some answers already posted.

I work in the niche area where desktop applications are still needed and
use Swing since 2001, integrated Jogl and then Jogamp since 2006 and that
try to figure out how we can use JavaFX without a huge performance drop. I
think this bug https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8091324 is the best
summary of potential needs. And the answer gave by Kevin Rushforth was
quite disappointing.

I remember Swing teams members (Kenneth Bradley Russell) working hard to
have a nice way to use OpenGL in a platform independent manner which is one
of the strength of Java. JOGAMP team also made a good work more recently.

Some tricks have been used to try to provide a solution:

·         https://github.com/SkyLandTW/JOGL-FX#jogl-on-javafx-es2

·         https://github.com/pepe1914/jfx-zoglpipeline

·         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYRF34UYu-E

But they are very fragile (use of internal classes, rebundling JavaFx

Is this need too specific for a change to have it implemented in JavaFX?

Going on with Swing is a potential solution but it won’t resist a
comparison with QT long.

Thanks for any of your ideas on that.


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