On 02/09/2018 05:29 AM, Mark Raynsford wrote:
I've been exploring the possibility of migrating to JavaFX on and off,
but the biggest showstopper for me is that JavaFX may not actually be
present in any given user's installation. If someone installs the
jre9-openjdk package on Arch Linux, for example, they don't get JavaFX.

I reported the bug below to fix this same issue for Ubuntu:

JavaFX support is in Oracle JDK 9 but missing in Ubuntu OpenJDK 9

You can comment there if you're interested in seeing support for JavaFX be part of the default installation of OpenJDK 9 or 10 on Ubuntu. I'm hoping it can get included in time for the next Long Term Support release of Ubuntu 18.04 in April.


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