Good to know about the time frame. Yes, we are looking at backporting GTK 3 support to JDK 8.

-- Kevin

On 7/12/2018 12:47 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:

There's a now a defined EOL for SWT-Gtk2 announced [1]. The last SWT
Release supporting Gtk2 is 2018-09! Starting with 2018-12 SWT there will
be no more Gtk2 support!



On 06.06.18 11:12, Tom Schindl wrote:

Yes. FXCanvas from JavaFX8 won't work anymore once SWT-Gtk2 is gone.

The discussion on this currently happens at [platform-dev] mailing list
- see - There's no
timeframe mentionned yet by the SWT-Team but sooner or later that will


On 06.06.18 11:03, Thorsten Fischer wrote:
Hello Tom,
does that mean that FXCanvas won't work with upcoming Eclipse versions
and JavaFX8?
Do you know in which timeframe/release that my occur? Is that issue
discussed in the eclipse bugtracker somewhere? I couldn't find it by
searching for "gtk4".
Kind regards,
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*Betreff:* Chance of Backporting Gtk3 Support to JavaFX 8

Eclipse SWT developers are about to remove Gtk2-SWT port once they start
developing towards support for Gtk4.

This means there's no SWT-FX-Integration layer anymore for JavaFX8
because it is linked to Gtk2.

I know JavaFX-8 is not the new and shining thing because everyone wants
to use modules and Java 11 but there are many applications who can not
easily to Java 9+.

Is there any chance the Gtk3 changes from JavaFX-9 get backported to


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