I'm trying to get some attention on this issue
My application, PDFsam Basic, is a self contained javafx application with a
bundled jlinked AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.4, it has 5 or 6k new users every day and
very few of them are affected by this issue. In short, on Windows, the
bundled jvm tries to load some dll from a JVM installed on the system. This
is similar to
but in my case there is no IDE involved, no Eclipse, no Maven.
My bug report has been quickly dismissed as "This is caused by a
configuration error on the developers machine. Closing as "Not an issue"".
I can't reply on that issue to ask details so I was hoping I could can get
some help here.
I am talking about users (not developers) with a java runtime on their
machine, they download my MSI, install it, double click the .exe (a
launch4j created exe that basically runs a java -jar using the bundle
AdoptOpenJDK) and they get the exception because the jdk tries to load a
dll from a wrong location. I am sure it's probably some "configuration
error on the user machine" but these are not techy users tweaking around
and messing with the registry, for some of them is hard to figure how to
uninstall java.
Unfortunately I cannot reproduce it on my machines.
Any idea of what "configuration error" could cause this behavior?
Thanks for the help

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